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Andre. 23. Semi-professional comedian. I love comedy and comic books. Also movies and tv and science and a bunch of other crap. Follow if ya like!

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i am just a tiny bun dont b mean 2 me pls




there are some people who have only reblogged the top gif and have no idea about the bottom gif and i feel like that sums up my relationships with a lot of people

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Lauren Lapkus modeling a Traci Reardon catch-phrase tee!

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I think Tom Wilson is doing the most acting out of everyone in all of these movies. He is Biff so much. Young Biff, Old Biff, Rich Biff, Poor Biff, Older Biff, Future Biff, Past Biff. Everyone else is a butthead in comparison.

Marty’s mother Lorraine Mcfly is an important character throughout the Back To The Future series and Lorraine Mcfly’s cleavage is a slightly more important character.

It is heavily insinuated in a tiny 3 second clip during an expositional video, that Biff fucked Marilyn Munroe.

Elizabeth Shue is so underused in this movie. It’s been 40 minutes and her character has been asleep for 35 of them.

In 2015, Fax machines are still very very relevant

Biff is the sneakiest and ironically most open minded old person ever. He’s just sleuthing around completely accepting that time travel is possible and how he can profit off of it.

Griff and his cronies all have crazy cyborg-esque body modifications and I’m jealous

Marty Mcfly Jr. is high out of his goddamn mind

Back To The Future 2: Electric Boogaloo



Heads up the Deadpool test footage has been officially released